High School Preparation - STEM

High School Preparation – STEM

High School Preparation – STEM

AICOL  English for High School Preparation Course with emphasis on English for STEM is proving popular with students and local schools alike.  This year we totally revised the course to make it more relevant to modern English study including STEM vocabulary and coding.  AICOL is offering 4 x 10 week courses although students may enter any time upon application.  The course dates match the Queensland school term dates.  The High School Preparation STEM program will prepare students for entry to Australian high schools.

STEM Subjects

Local high schools are increasingly demanding English language skills in STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Basic coding lessons are also included. Of course the traditional elements of English language learning, including grammar, reading and writing are still taught.

Coding Skills

Our English for High School Preparation course also includes regular weekly classes on computer coding.  This is a universal language in great demand in schools.  Learning English for coding prepares students for the future.

Local High School Pathways

AICOL has long relationships with many of the best high schools on the Gold Coast.  At an appropriate time and when requested, we can introduce students to local schools and arrange interview appointments.   Each school is different and has different entry requirements.

All of the schools will usually require an interview, and most have their own entry tests.


We are often asked how long will the student need to study before going to the local school.  This depends on many things:

  • The English level on arrival?
  • The student’s ability and how hard the student will work?
  • Will the student be living in an English speaking environment?

For the best support it is recommended that students studying English for High School Preparation live with an Australian family.  This introduces the Australian society and way of life.  It also helps the student to use their English language in its natural environment and offers free conversation practice .

AICOL’s homestay network and homestay placement service can provide this very important service.

AICOL can also provide guardianship free of charge (conditions apply).