About Us — О проекте

Jan Keppie and Garth Keppie

are the sole Directors and Co-Principals of the Australian International College of Language (AICOL)
(ABN 83 059 849 062) a long established Gold Coast English language School — since 1993.

Our good reputation for quality without compromise stands us apart from most of our competitors.  It has led us to become the  English Language school of choice for many agents and individual students wishing to study  English in Australian at the Gold Coast.

Student visa  tuition fees and homestay monies are safe with AICOL as we operate trust accounts for these monies.  As a result of our prudent business practice we were able to refund 100% of all claims for refunds made by students and agents as a result of COVID.  We are financially stable – we own our premises which are unencumbered.

Jan and Garth are both qualified and experienced solicitors and make a point of strictly complying with legal requirements which protects students and agents. Attention to detail is our motto and this is of particular importance when accepting very young students.  If you would like to know more about AICOL please just contact us on the link below.

Meet Some AICOL Administration Staff

AICOL English school owners and happy staff