Costs & Tuition Fees 2023

Costs & Tuition Fees 2023

Mon-Thur 08:45-14:30
Friday 08:45-12:15
1-4 weeks
   A$420 pw
5-12 weeks A$410 pw
13-23 week  A$400 pw
24 + weeks  A$390 pw
Mon-Thur 08:45-14:30
Friday 08:45-12:15

*Tuition below +
Sports Fee
1-4 weeks          A$390 pw
5-12 weeks        A$380 pw
13-23 weeks      A$370 pw
24 + weeks        A$360 pw

Mon-Thur 08:45-14:30
Friday 08:45-12:15
1-4 weeks
   A$420 pw
5-12 weeks A$410 pw
13-23 week  A$400 pw
24 + weeks  A$390 pw

Part Time English Study

Mon-Fri 08:45-12:15
1-4 weeks          A$340 pw
5-12 weeks        A$320 pw
Mon-Thur 08:45-15:30
Friday 08:45-12:15
1-4 weeks
   A$450 pw*
5-12 weeks A$440 pw*
13-23 week  A$430 pw*
24 + weeks  A$420 pw *
*+ Materials $15 pw
*+ Activities fee $25 pw
*+ Guardianship fee $0 **
**conditions apply

TESOL Certificate IV

4 weeks + project work – details on application
Mon-Thur 08:45-14:30
Friday 08:45-12:15
1-4 weeks   
A$440 pw
5-12 weeks
  A$430 pw
13-23 week 
A$420 pw
24 + weeks 
A$410 pw

Tuition fees and all homestay fees are held in trust accounts for student visa holders learning English at AICOL. We draw down week by week after course commencement.  This way unused tuition fees and homestay costs can be refunded where appropriate.

 Special Free Holiday Offer applies to study for 24 weeks or more

Some things to think about when choosing where to study English in Australia

Consider .. do you want to study with a large international language school chain?
Do you want the individual personal attention you will receive at a high quality privately owned, very long established,  English School which pays attention to detail and enjoys an excellent reputation?

Costs and Tuition fees can be deceptive……..

  • AICOL guarantees that no class will have more than 15 students.
  • Some English schools on the Gold Coast have had up to 30 students in one class.
  • Obviously if there are more students per class the tuition fees should be considerably less as the learning opportunity is reduced because the teacher can spend less time with you.  A class with a maximum of 18 should be less than a class with a maximum of 15.
  • Are the materials included or added to weekly fee?

MATERIALS FEE –  AICOL is happy to offer materials free of charge to our students except for High School Preparation.

GUARDIANSHIP FEE –  AICOL may offer guardianship free of charge – conditions apply.


Costs and Tuition Fees – Payment Options

International Payment using Flywire or Bank Transfer
International students can pay their costs and fees to AICOL online using Flywire.
Flywire allows you to pay securely from almost any country in your home currency.

To get started, click or go to to begin the payment process.  Click the “Pay Now with Flywire” button. If you have questions about making an international payment, visit

By making your payment with Flywire you can:

  • Track your payments from start to finish
  • Save on bank fees and exchange rates
  • Contact their multilingual customer support team with any questions, day or night

Flywire logo

Remember to enter student ID number from Invoice

Costs and tuition fees can also be paid by bank transfer and the relevant details appear on AICOL invoices.

Cash on arrival is also acceptable in circumstances where prior payment is not required.

Registration Fees 2023

Student visas and overseas registrations for more than 4 weeks A$220
For 4 weeks or less A$160
Family rate A$120 per person
Part-time enrolment for less than 2 weeks $75
Re-enrolment within 1 month A$0
Re-enrolment within 3 months A$25
Re-enrolment within 1 year A$75

Overseas Student Health Cover (from 1 May 2022)

Up to 3 months

A$137.50 (rates may change)

Up to 6 months

A$275.00 (rates may change)

Up to 9 months

A$412.45 (rates may change)

Up to 12 months

A$550 (rates may change)

Note – Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is COMPULSORY for Student Visa holders.
Tourist visa holders are recommended to arrange normal travel insurance before departing for Australia

AICOL Homestay Fees

*Subject to change without notice due to world circumstances

Private Room

3 meals x 7

$343 per week

Further Fee Information

*Special dietary requirement fee upon request

Homestay Placement (optional)

Homestay Placement fee 2022 – A$250
2023 – A$260

Homestay Transport

Details available on request.

Other accommodation

Apartment and hotel information available on request.

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

Transfers Optional.
2023: return A$210
One-way A$120
Personal limo service – POA

Unaccompanied Minors

Price on Application
Brisbane or Gold Coast Airports
(Requirements dictated by airline companies
not by AICOL)

*Four star Hotel Accommodation Offer

Students at beach enjoying free AICOL holiday

An amazing holiday accommodation offer from AICOL for the first 50 students who study with us for 24 weeks or more.

We  are offering a holiday at a wide range of Tripadviser rated four star hotels throughout Australia. Conditions apply.

Gift Card

Make someone happy right now with a gift card.  A birthday, a reward, a surprise, for education or for something to look forward to after COVID !Gift Card - AICOL Gold Coast English School
We can provide a Gift Card for any Course including our Summer Camp or Winter Camp. For kids for adults for parents for high school. Any amount, any time.