General English Courses 一般英語コース

General English-Beginner to Advanced-CRICOS 016907C

Why take a general English course? (CRICOS 016907C)

AICOL’s General English Course is a great way to start studying in Australia. This course is designed to communicate effectively in English in an academic, sociable, or business environment.
This General English Course also teaches the basic knowledge and foundations for further study in AICOL’s Academic English Course.

Course Content?

AICOL’s General English Course has classes from beginners to advanced, with students doing the following in class:

• Learn basic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
• Build fluency and accuracy in English conversation •
Build confidence in speaking English and develop the ability to travel, work and live in Australia •
Increase your English vocabulary
• Improve pronunciation •
Graduate with world-class English skills that can be used anywhere
• Learn from experienced qualified teachers in small classes

The AICOL General English Course gives you the confidence to speak English in a variety of real-life situations.
I understand that the biggest obstacle to successful communication in a foreign language is the fear of making mistakes. AICOL teachers and staff can help you overcome that fear.

 General English Course Course Content

-On the first day of enrollment, a level test will be conducted to determine the appropriate class level.
–There are 5 general English levels: –Beginner Level
Beginner – Intermediate Level
Intermediate Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level

There are 20 hours of face-to-face lessons per week
, –In addition, teacher supervision in the Guided Independent Study (GIS) Underneath, self-study for 3 hours at your own pace
-Course duration: 1-48 weeks
-Admission days: Every Monday
-Test content: Written projects, speaking assignments, group projects, and regular tests.

Students with sufficient grades to move to the next level, or students whose current level is too easy, are transferred to a higher level class.

See also homestay and other accommodation options.

You will love living in the Gold Coast City of Australia .