IELTS English

IELTS English for Academic Purposes


  • IELTS exam preparation
  • Academic preparation

When you study IELTS English you will learn how to:

  • Clearly and accurately express facts, ideas and opinions using features of  academic writing
  • apply a range of reading skills in order to understand and comment on a broad range of academic texts
  • understand spoken English in conversations, discussions, lectures and to take notes
  • use a range of study skills to gather, combine and critically examine information and ideas from different sources
  • develop strategies to successfully sit the IELTS test
  • develop speed and comprehension in reading
  • develop confidence in speaking

IELTS English Entry Requirements

Pre-test required for entry – minimum level -upper-intermediate (equivalent to IELTS 5.0 with no sub-band less than 5.0)


  • Ongoing assignments throughout the course
  • Academic skills assessment tasks such as essays, debates, oral presentations and research assignments
  • Regular tests on all the macro skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Sitting former IELTS English tests under exam conditions
  • Regular reports with teacher counselling and assistance


It is well known that it is easier to learn a language with activities.  AICOL provides its EAP students occasional activities away from our school to give students the chance to meet and talk with local Australians.  For example, visit a bookshop in a country village in the Gold Coast hinterland.  Go fishing ….. of course you will have to learn the English to go the bait and tackle shop to buy your bait!

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AICOL English class at Canungra Village
AICOL English class visiting Canungra
Learning English in a country bookshop
John's class English fishing activity