General English-Beginner

General English Beginners at AICOL Gold Coast English

Course Length:  Study English in Australia from 1-48 weeks (as required by student needs). Student or visitor visa.   Face-to-face.

Students learning English at the beginner level sometimes choose to study English when enrolled in one of our Camps programs.  The student will be in the same international class as the regular Beginner course student but will also enjoy after class activities every day.  These General English-Beginner programs are suitable for all ages.  An AICOL staff member accompanies students on all camp activities.  Can you imagine the fun (and English learning experience) when children visit the Broadwater Parklands directly opposite AICOL school.

Beginner English classes at AICOL for all ages from 6 years

General English – Beginner
How to start learning basic English?
Find an English course for real Beginners!  This Beginner Course is also suitable for  students having Elementary English with basic communication skills. Students for these courses for beginners are accepted from 6 years through to adults.
An admission test is not required – you can go straight to class.  If you prefer, you can have our  AICOL Beginner Entrance Test.

The course will cover words and basic grammar for beginners including basic English conversation.

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