English School for Families

English School for Families

A good English school for families is perfect for a family wanting a fun educational holiday. AICOL has been providing English language courses to adults and children for over 25 years. Your independent search will reveal we are one of the best English language schools in Australia. In addition to our highly regarded English courses for adults, we have for many years been famous for our English for Young Learner courses. A great school for kids to learn English. A perfect English school for families! AICOL accept families with children from 6 years of age throughout the year on a visitor or student visa. Children have their own classrooms and eating areas and mix with other international students of approximately the same age.

Young kids can go straight to class on arrival or, if they have been learning English previously, they can take an AICOL placement test. Adults are tested on arrival and are placed in an English class based on age, nationality and test results.

Adults and children study English on the same timetable, in the same building but in different classes. All classes, even holiday classes, have a maximum of 15 students with an average class size of 8-12 students. Our English programs for families run 50 weeks of the year, not just in holiday times. Face-to-face language courses and are presently running.

English study holiday for the whole family

An English study holiday in Australia for the whole family will be an exciting adventure. Choose homestay with an Australian family or one of the many other accommodation options for which the Gold Coast is famous. Whilst we offer our English courses for kids and adults all year, we have special Camps programs for the January/February and July/August (and other) holiday periods. Arrange a holiday in Australia and meet other families. Make international friends. Talk about what you learnt in your English class. If requested we can arrange for the host family to bring you to school each day and collect you after school.

Our lovely Gold Coast English School for families is located directly opposite the Aquatic Centre and the acres of Broadwater Parklands. It is a 3-4 minute walk to the Australia Fair Shopping Centre. See some of the exciting things that await you! You can see kangaroos and koalas in their natural environment, you can learn about the Queensland K-12 government and private schools, eat locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables, and so much more. We will assist you with activities inquiries and bookings. You will enjoy a great family holiday!

Don’t forget to check out more Courses to Study English as well as our Homestay and Other Accommodation options. If you only have time for a few weeks study and holiday see our Camps programs.