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Do We Recommend Homestay?

We are often asked…”do you recommend homestay”?   Advice:
If you want to experience Australian culture, practice your English conversation and learn to enjoy the friendly Aussie lifestyle then we certainly recommend homestay.  The homestays provide a quality home life and are carefully selected by AICOL Gold Coast English school.  We enrol students from as young as 6 years  into those carefully selected homestay families, with or without a parent. Families hold Blue Card clearance.

Our Gold Coast homestay families are chosen carefully.  AICOL English School employs its own Homestay Coordinator who attends every day.  We do not rely on an outside placement service so there is someone at school every day to immediately assist with homestay matters.  All of our families hold police clearance Blue Cards for child-related employment.  Our coordinator personally inspects all host family accommodation. Homestay transport to and from school is available on request.

AICOL homestay families provide students with their own room and 3 meals a day for 7 days a week.  They welcome students from all over the world and are experienced in assisting their students to study English in Australia.  Host families provide an excellent opportunity for conversation practice in a safe and friendly environment.  Door to door airport transfers can be arranged including unaccompanied minors arrangement.  Homestay for families wishing to study English.  Other homestay options are available.

Homestay families are not necessarily Caucasian in a multinational Australia. You may see homestay families who have migrated into Australia and live as first generation or second generation Australians.  They are required to speak English at all times to the students. The structure of the families is diverse including sole adult and with or without children. Many Australian families have pets.  Please consider these facts when applying for homestay.

Please also note:  Since COVID homestay families are now quite difficult to find at the Gold Coast.  Please try to allow at least 3 months to search for a suitable homestay.  Homestay placement cannot be guaranteed.

AICOL has been providing homestay families for almost 30 years and we will do our best to meet your request, however, we advise that homestay availability has changed as a result of covid.  Many of our homestay families no longer have a room available for students.  Even when a homestay family has agreed to accept a student the family can often cancel at the last minute.  Unfortunately these are matters outside of our control and we cannot be held responsible if homestay is not available.   Many homestay families have had their own children return home because of the big increase in rents and living expenses and this has reduced homestay availability.

Until things settle down,  we strongly recommend you to refer to other accommodations, scroll down you will see “Other Accommodation Options”.

In the meantime  we have introduced the following conditions relating to homestay:

  1. We will do our best to find a homestay family and we will do our best to  match students with their preferred family choice, but we cannot guarantee this can be done.
  2. If a student is not happy with their homestay family we will do our best to change the family as soon as possible, but it may not always be possible.  In such cases one week’s notice must be given to the homestay to terminate the homestay or one week’s homestay fees in lieu of notice  must be paid to the homestay family. Of course there are sometimes exceptional circumstances.
  3. If a student contracts covid or other contagious disease and the homestay family requires them to leave, it is unlikely we will be able to find another homestay family.  If we have not been able to find another homestay family  then a student 18 years or older must move to alternative accommodation, such as a hotel, at their own expense.  In such cases, the homestay will be paid for the last day/night and the unused homestay money will be refunded to the student.
  4. No guarantee is given for single placement homestay.  We will do our best to meet the request  that  no other international student who speaks the same language is in the homestay but it is not guaranteed.
  5. Please note AICOL does not place students based on discriminatory conditions such as race, colour, or religion.

Other Accommodation Options



I am writing to let you know that the GABRIELs has kindly brought my son Peiyu to the airport and he arrived in Narita safely on time.

Thank you very much for your help for Peiyu. From the beginning you paid extra attention to organising English study and homestay for him despite our poor English.

Also I apologise for the trouble Peiyu caused when he has fallen sick during homestay.

We are very happy that Peiyu enjoyed 3 weeks stay in Australia and made a lot of good memories.

His homestay family the GABRIELs was so kind to him and treated him as their own. So much so that he even told us he did not want to go back to Japan. When he called the host mother Christine after coming back to Japan, he could not help but crying. Due to our language problem we have not been able to tell the GABRIELs how grateful we are. Could you please send our gratitude to them?

It was his first time to spend time in a foreign country by himself and he met a lot of nice people. We are certain that this experience added a memorable and colourful page to his life and will bring numerous benefits to his future.

Thank you again Tomoko san, AICOL teachers, staff and especially the GABRIELs.

Yours sincerely,    ZHOU     2015

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