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Parent & Child

AICOL Parent and Child English school program is available throughout the year. Students may come on visitor visa or student visa.  Here are some comments from parents who have studied with their children at our Gold Coast English School (many of these comments taken from our Google reviews):
“I wanted our kids to experience creative learning, not just the repetitive learning we have in our country”
“I could not believe how lucky I was when I found an English school where I could learn English in an adult class while my children were just downstairs in their own class with kids of the same age”
“The Broadwater parkland was less than 5 minutes walking and  was free.  We had lunch there every day.  My daughter had a lot of fun”

Young children learn English quickly and if  it is important to you to ensure ensure your child is enrolled at an English  school with specialist courses for kids then you need an English school with CRICOS registered courses for young students.   Our Young Learner Course CRICOS No.032656F, is an activity-based communicative course for juniors. It focuses on building confidence, fluency and familiarity with the English language.  The entry level requirement is completion of at least one year of primary education in the student’s home country.

Spanish Family learning English at AICOL language school

Parent and Child with AICOL student

Many schools  accept children for holiday courses but very few have registered courses specifically designed and developed for young learners.   (Check the government web site to see if the young learner course is  CRICOS registered).  Check if is an  international class where young kids from different parts of the world meet to study English and to  make friends.  Even to play they have to communicate in English as it is the common language. The learning opportunity is so much greater that kids learning in a closed group class.

Parents study on the same timetable but in adult classes based on their test results. AICOL parent child English school is great place for family holidays.

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