Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Deciding to study in Australia is an important decision which may effect your study and business plans in future life.

What things do you need to consider when deciding in which country it is best for you to study and learn English?

  • Is it a safe and friendly country?
  • Does the country enjoy a good reputation for education generally?
  • Is the climate important?
  • Is a clean, healthy, pollution free environment important?
  • Is there a good legal system to protect you?
  • Is it important to find a high quality English School with qualified teachers and high quality homestay conducted in-house?
  • Does the English school provide background information about the owners and staff or is the web site silent in this regard? Is it Australian owned and operated?

If you choose to Study in Australia at AICOL Gold Coast English language school you will receive all of the benefits referred to above. We are happy to rely on our excellent reputation gained over many years of successful English language teaching.

All of the family can study in Australia at AICOL – see our interesting courses

Study in Australia

English Language Intensive Courses for overseas students – ELICOS Courses – must be CRICOS registered with the Australian Government to enable a student to study in Australia on a student visa.

AICOL offers CRICOS registered English courses.