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Soccer class at Gold Coast English school

English and Professional Sport – CRICOS 039333B

Our English and Professional Sport program is CRICOS registered and enables students to enter Australia on a student visa to study English for 17 hours per week with 3-6 hours of tuition in the chosen field of sport.

English and sport is very popular with students who do not wish to pursue formal education but want to become a sports professional. Live a healthy life with plenty of fresh pollution free air and enjoy the Australian lifestyle. Perhaps live with an Australian homestay family where you can practise your English conversation.

Study English English on the Gold Coast of Australia and learn to speak English while at the same time choosing your own professional sporting coach. We will assist you to find the coach you need in whatever sport you wish to enrol. In all cases the professional must be a member of the relevant professional sporting association. For example
golf:  PGA Australia
tennis: Tennis Australia
swimming:  Swimming Australia
urfing:  Surfing Australia

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Learn English and swimming at AICOL English School Gold Coast
Learn English and swimming at AICOL English School Gold Coast

Since the Commonwealth Games held on the Gold Coast in April 2018 the Coast has the latest up to date sporting facilities for students wishing to study English and  Sport.