English for Academic Purposes

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)-CRICOS registered 022332J

Looking for an effective English for Academic Purposes course:

  • Is it CRICOS registered ?
    Non-CRICOS registered courses may not be effective or subject to independent review
  • Only CRICOS registered courses permit entry to Australia on a student visa
  • To be effective an EAP course requires a highly skilled, competent and experienced teachers
  • Read the testimonials that relate to the specific teacher – not a testimonial that might relate to a teacher who has long since moved to another provider

    Why you can rely on AICOL English language school for your English for Academic Purposes Course:

  • Academic Writing, Presentation and Seminar Skills, Note-taking, Library and Research Skills, Study Skills and Computer Competency.

Learning Academic English at AICOL Gold Coast

AICOL has dedicated teachers such as Janice McClennan, who has been with AICOL for over a decade, and whose enthusiasm, qualifications, and intelligence are renowned.     She  is a Queensland registered teacher, has a postgraduate diploma in teaching, a postgraduate diploma in ESL, and has acted as an IELTS examiner for a number of years.  Janice has a Master of Arts and also PhD through Deakin University. Business studies can also be undertaken with Janice.

Course Commencement Dates
Any Monday throughout the year.  Commencement
on mid-week days can be arranged upon request.