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English for Kids

Kids learning English at AICOL Gold Coast English School

Kids from 6 years including Primary School Preparation, adults and teens can study English together at AICOL Gold Coast English School.  Contact us for all the information you need to learn English with AICOL!   18+ classrooms. Capacity for 250 students – max 15 students per class.  Average is 8 – 12 students per class.  Kids love Camps. Study in Australia. We would love to see you at our famous English language school in 2023.

English for High School

High School Preparation Course students at AICOL English school

At our Gold Coast English language school we accept students from 13-16 years for High School Preparation  – with or without a parent or guardian.  AICOL has an English  pathway program with State Schools and many Private Schools. We prepare students for entry into high school and primary school. Also for entry to university and TAFE.  Summer Camps Winter Camps and study tours.

English for Adults

Adults having fun learning English at AICOL

For adults, including seniors, we have Intensive General English at all levels plus English for Academic Purposes, IELTS, Cambridge CAE,  FCE and PTE Test Preparation courses.  AICOL is an IELTS Pre-Test Centre. Our students have achieved excellent IELTS results.
Check out our Camps and Study Tours information and the huge range of  healthy and fun activities. Tailor made tours available the whole year.

AICOL Gold Coast English school building

Study in Australia at the English School you can trust. AICOL stayed open during COVID and we made a full refund to every student and agent who claimed. As a result many students and agents have told us we are the best English school in Australia!

Cloyne Road entrance to AICOL Gold Coast English School

We hold your student visa fees and homestay fees in a trust account and draw down weekly only after course commencement. This is what enabled us to refund all fees during COVID and we we have continued to operate on the same basis.

English for Academic Purposes class for adults at Gold Coast English school

You want to study English in Australia and meet students from all over the world? At our Gold Coast English school we attract students wanting a good international mix – see the  IELTS class photo. Check us out before you enrol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete the Enrolment Application Form. We will send you a student agreement and our invoice.   When payment has been received we will apply to the Australian Government for a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) which you will need when you apply for your student visa.

This depends on many things.  You need to Contact Us so we can ask questions which will enable us to answer your question.

The sooner the better to ensure there is space available.  You do not have to pay until you are ready. Your enrolment acts as a reservation.

Complete the Enrolment Application    When the form is received we will send you an Offer Letter and an invoice.  For more information see our post https://www.aicol.com.au/2020/05/13/how-to-enrol-for-english/

It is really up to you when you pay.  If you are applying for a student visa you will need to receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from us.  This is the document you need to lodge with your visa application.  The CoE will not be issued until we have received payment of your invoice.

If you will enter Australia on a visitor/tourist visa then sometimes you can pay on arrival.  If however you are wanting airport transfers or homestay then you need to pay prior to arrival.  The earlier you pay for homestay, the bigger the choice of host families will be avalable. For example, if you are a family wanting to stay with an Australian family you will need to apply months in advance.

You are permitted to study English for up to 12 week.  Please note that unlike a student visa, you are not permitted to work on a tourist/visitor visa.

AICOL homestay family with students

Do we recommend Homestay?
This really depends on what you are wanting to achieve?
Conversation practice?  Safety?  Experience Australian culture?
Make Aussie friends? Meals provided? You can meet your homestay before you leave home. We operate our own homestay placement service for AICOL students.

Homestay office at AICOL Gold Coast English school

There is always someone available at school to talk about homestay matters.
Young Learners are welcome in homestay with/without a parent.
We can arrange for homestays to drive students to and from school each day. With enough notice we can usually arrange homestay for whole families who want to study English.

Homestay house

Other accommodation options appear on our Homestay page.
Homestay conversation is very valuable and students to learn to speak English fluently.
If you are unwell the homestay will look after you. Sometimes homestay meetings result in lifelong friendships and perhaps somewhere for you to stay overseas.

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