Autumn Camp

Autumn Camp – September/October 2022

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to rapidly changing national and international circumstances, prices may increase beyond our control.  Whilst we will do our best to keep prices to the original quote, we reserve the right to change the quote if necessary.

English School Gold Coast Australia Water Activities
    • Wonderful healthy, pollution free environment
      Learn English and make international friends
      Experience Australian culture
      Live with an Australian family
      Fun activities every afternoon
      Ideal for individual students or small groups
      Families welcome to join our Winter Camp

See also our Winter Camp programs  –  January/February
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See also our Spring Camp program – March/April 2023

We are now accepting enrolments and REFUNDS on cancellations due to COVID  are GUARANTEED.

If you prefer English for kids without activities please see:
High School Preparation Course,   IELTS Course

AICOL English offers a Gold Coast Summer Camp (July/August)  and a Winter Camp (January/February)  program for individual students wanting AICOL staff on all activities.  If you do not need to have AICOL staff accompany you on your afternoon activities then please see the optional activities program for individual students.

An English language and Australian cultural course for individual students and/or for families.

A program for children aged 6 – 17 years, for  parents and for grandparents.  Experience Australian culture and live with an Australian homestay family.  Enjoy blue skies, pollution free air, clean water you can drink from the tap,  enjoy the natural environment.

Activities 6 days a week included.  Activities are subject to availability.
Courses conducted by professional language teachers.