English Courses to Study

Students participating in a wide variety of English language courses at AICOL Gold coast English school

 English Courses to Study in Australia

English Courses to study in Australia offered by AICOL Gold Coast English School.  CRICOS registered courses:

  • Parent and Child   – Different English classes for parents and children .  Same building with same timetable.
  • IELTS test preparation –  Study IELTS at AICOL in an IELTS pre-test centre where you receive a lot of test practice.
  • Camps

Want to study English in Australia?  Why not join us at our friendly school – we would love to welcome you.

Learning English in Australia is the dream of many students.  When will they be able to attend our English language schools?  No one really knows.  At the present time it is thought that Australia may develop “bubble” arrangements with specific countries who have COVID19 relatively under control such as New Zealand, Singapore and possibly Japan and South Korea but general study of English in Australia with the majority of international borders open is not expected until at mid 2022.  The good news is that Australia is hopeful of a quite high vaccination rate before the end of 2021.

Australia has recommenced processing student visa applications if the application is lodged outside Australia

  • Adult courses to study English also  include parents,  grandparents.   Students 50+ years are welcome either as individuals or in groups.
  • Children from 6-12 years enter international English classes based on age and may be given an entry test if they have some English.  A student may be moved to another class by the teacher after observation.
  • Students aged 13 and older take a placement test on arrival to determine the most appropriate international class .
  • Closed classes for groups are available on request

Study Tours are available throughout the year and are a great way to introduce students to the Gold Coast, AICOL English School,  the local culture and the environment

And remember……at AICOL there is a maximum of 15 students per class for individual students and study tour students.

Note – ALL  our classrooms can open to fresh air.  We are COVID conscious – air conditioning is optional

Costs and Fees information 

EStudents who have chosen English Courses to study in Australia
Students who chose AICOL high school English Course to Study in Australia
Kids attending cooking class activity while studying English in Australia at AICOL

Certificate Courses

Certificate IV in TESOL

RTO code 32060

The Certificate IV in TESOL is a nationally recognised program for those wishing to teach English to non-native English speakers.  As a provider of accredited English language courses for over 20 years, AICOL is especially qualified and experienced to deliver a TESOL course.  A comprehensive in-house practicum forms an integral part of the course.

The AICOL TESOL course is no longer  being delivered in Vietnam.