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School Study Tours

Sadly 2020/2021 has not been such a busy time for our school study tours for international students.  There is some good news amongst the bad news.

There is still a lot of interest being shown in school study tours from overseas.  The question the schools and agents are all asking is when will the study tour groups be able to enter into Australia?  It is a question we cannot answer at the present time.  Our homestay families are asking the same question.  More good news.  AICOL English school has been successful with its online group English classes. We can offer international school students online integration with local Australian school students.  They can choose from a variety of interesting programs which are presently available online.

As Australians cannot travel overseas, they are travelling within Australia. As a result of this a lot of new Gold Coast activities and places to visit  have appeared. These will be new experiences for our international students when they finally come to Australia.