Chinese testimonial

Letter of Appreciation

Chinese testimonial

Dear Principal,

I am the grandmother of Murong. We are from Shanghai, China. My granddaughter aged 7 years old studied at AICOL from 18 January to 10 February 2017. The school’s front desk staff, Riva Lee, helped us a lot and she answered our millions of questions patiently and explained nicely. It really helped us to understand the campus well.

Having such a nice, hard-working and patient person like Ms Lee to assist us in a foreign country made us feel warm and welcomed. We also had a great time here at AICOL.

As we are heading back to China soon, we would like to thank you and all the teachers and staff, especially to Ms Lee from Taiwan and Ms Martin from Hong Kong.

Thank you very much!

Welcome everyone to come to Shanghai and visit us! See you next time!

Warm Regards,

……. (Murong’s Grandmother)


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