Kids English School

Kids English School

AICOL Gold Coast English school began teaching English to young learners over 20 years ago.   English classes begin for children from 6 years of age.  AICOL’s Kids English school places children in international classes based on their age.   Kids learn English very quickly compared to most adults.  AICOL offers classes the whole year.  AICOL teachers are experienced in teaching English to young learners.  Children learn English so quickly.  In international classes they must speak English to make friends.  English is the only common language when you want to play!

Activities for Kids

Kids enjoy activities with English classes in our summer camp and winter camp.  These activities are provided after school each day, and are chaperoned by AICOL staff.  Parents join the activities with their children.  The Gold Coast is famous for having great activities all year.  Theme Parks, sports such as swimming, surfing, tennis, golf, or bush walking in the world heritage parks.  There is so much to do!

Quality English Course

AICOL’s English for Young Learners course is registered for student visas, and prepares kids for primary school entry.  AICOL helps parents to decide which Australian primary school their child should join.  So, whether it is for short courses, or long courses, AICOL is the Kids English school for your children. Join us!  Bring the children to the famous Gold Coast of Australia for wonderful holiday.  Stay with an Australian family or in a local hotel or nearby apartment.  There are beautiful beaches, theme parks and many other activities.