View from Gold Coast English school

Gold Coast English School

Gold Coast English School

All of us at AICOL Gold Coast English school are very excited about the upcoming Commonwealth Games.  This will be the largest sporting event held in Australia this decade, and involves 6,600 athletes from 70 countries of the Commonwealth.  AICOL will be very much in the middle of the Games.  The centre for the swimming and diving will be held directly opposite our school, at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. The attached picture will give some idea of how huge the event will be.  This picture was taken from our AICOL balcony, and shows the seating for the swimming and diving events.

The Games present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Gold Coast to present itself to the world as a beautiful place to live, to study, and to enjoy a lifestyle the envy of the world.  AICOL knows that as a place to study English the Gold Coast has few peers.  The great climate, the friendly people, the quality of life, and the high school of schools and universities all attest to this.  The Games will show to the world what we already know.

Parent and Child Course

Parents looking for a Gold Coast English school for their children will be able to appreciate all that the Gold Coast has to offer.  Our safe and friendly environment is perfect for families.  Viewing the competition such as the marathon, the triathlon, the track and filed, and the swimming will show this.  Parents can join with their children in our Parent and Child program.  Parents can study English in our General English classes, whilst their children join our Young Learner classes.

English and Professional Sport Course

Students interested in professional sports should consider the Gold Coast as a destination for their further studies and training.  AICOL’s English and Professional Sport course will enable students to study their chosen sport on a student visa (such as tennis, swimming, or golf) at the same time learning English.

Over 10,000 spectators will be attending the swimming and diving events opposite AICOL.   We will therefore not be having any English classes for the two weeks of the Games, being 4-15 April.  Access to our school building will be very difficult because of road closures and security requirements.  We appreciate all our students, homestay families, staff and agents understanding this situation.