English Classes access to 5G at Gold Coast

Commonwealth Games

English Classes access to 5G at Gold Coast


Commonweath Games 

have commenced and our English classes are taking a rest. We welcome the thousands of visitors from the many countries of the Commonwealth. Our school is unable to run normal classes as our beautiful location is directly opposite the Southport Aquatic Centre.   More an 10,000 visitors are enjoying the swimming right at the time we are preparing this post.

Many of our adult students advised us they did not want to rely on using public transport to attend English classes for the Games period.   Also AICOL accepts young children from 6 years of age and the young students who are in homestay could not use local transport.  Homestay families were advised it would be difficult for them to use their vehicles to bring the young students to our school.  As a result all regular English classes have been cancelled.  We are running one general class to cater for students who can walk to school.

The Students Service office is open with limited staff available to answer inquiries.

Benefits from the Games

The Games have brought many benefits to the Gold Coast as we will have world class sporting facilities well after the Games are over.  Our English classes will benefit , particularly our English and Professional Sport program.  The amazing television coverage of all the sporting facilities is shown all over Australia as well as many countries worldwise.   Because of our location we expect interest to increase in our English and Swimming programs.  Potential students from all over the world can see the spectacular location of the Aquatic Centre on the picturesque Southport Broadwater Parklands.

Another benefit brought to our Gold Coast English School by the Games is for Southport to become the first precinct of 5G-enabled Wi-Fi hotspots in the world.  Whilst Telstra evaluates the technology,  Gold Coast locals and visitors to enjoy free G5 broadband