Australian Surf Lifesavers swimming race

Study English Learn Sports

Study English Learn Sports

Students studying English and swimming enjoyed watching the Surf Lifesavers taking part in an ocean swimming race.

Looking for a different way to study – study English  learn sports as part of your English program.  The AICOL sports program allows  a student visa student to be coached by a professional sports person as part of the English course.

The AICOL  English and Professional Sports program was designed for student visa students who want to follow a career as a professional sportsperson.  Playing sports has many health benefits including assisting with weight control.  Sports strengthen the whole body and many athletes do better academically once they take up regular sporting activities.  If you study English at AICOL under our CRICOS registered course, your sports lessons form part of your English course.  A healthy body promotes good mental health.

Teenagers and adults may choose to  enjoy homestay while studying and where possible we will try to find a homestay family who is involved with sports.  The most popular sports in Australia for kids 6-13 years according to Australian Sports Camp begins with Soccer football.

It is also possible to study English and sports on a slightly different program whilst in Australia on a visitor/tourist visa.  If you would like further information please contact us.