Southport Broadwater Parklands opposite AICOL Gold Coast English School

Family Holidays



Do you want to enjoy a family holiday in Australia?  What is important to you and the family when you plan your holiday?

o  Safety    o  Good Value   o  Assisted Arrival Arrangements    o  A Learning Experience    o    Pure Clean Air

o    Heaps of Fun Activities   o  Friendly Atmosphere    o    Chance to Discover Areas of Unspoiled Nature

AICOL English school in Australia has years of experience in arranging holidays for families.  Of course we also welcome young adults and children from 6 years of age (with or without their parents).  Our English school is located at the Gold Coast of Australia, a true jewel of nature.  We would love to show it to you!   From the time you are collected from the airport until we return you to the airport for departure your program is full of interesting things to do.  One of our popular programs is our Winter Camp (January/February) but we have many other choices including tailor made programs.  Listen to what our family from Argentina had to say about their family holiday studying AICOL’s Parent and Child Program

Perhaps you prefer to choose your family holiday accommodation living with an Australia family?  Of course you can also arrange your own apartment or hotel.

January is the peak summer holiday season in Australia.  July and August is the peak summer holiday season for people from the northern hemisphere.  During the July August holiday season AICOL offers  our Summer Camp program.   Please   CONTACT US   for further information.