Healthy food activity at English school

English and Food

Why English and Food? We asked our students why they chose AICOL for English study?  They answered,  “We like learning English and we like food. We know it is fun here and we can get healthy food in Australia.  AICOL has a really good reputation”.  English and Food –  just one good reason to choose AICOL when you want to study English!

Homestay families provide good food and there are many places to buy food near our school.   Nearby shops offer a wide choice of international cuisines.  The students told us  study tour Camps are so much fun because they can go out on activities every day after their English class with other students from different countries.  “It feels safe because there is always staff from the school with us.”

AICOL accepts students from 6 years of age – with or without a parent – and we take great care to ensure our students are as happy as possible.  This includes access to familiar food. Adults too look for good quality,  familiar food while they are in Australia studying English.

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