Junior Camp for Kids

Junior Holiday Camp – Young Learner Kids


Kids want a Junior Holiday Camp where they have fun and meet new friends. Adults want their young learner children to enjoy learning English in a safe and happy environment. AICOL wants to continue to offer the best English School for kids. We are now accepting enrolments and REFUNDS on cancellations due to COVID  are GUARANTEED. Our Junior Camp for young learners from 6 – 12 years keeps everyone happy!

AICOL’s English programs for young kids is not just something offered for a few weeks of the year during holiday times. We run courses for young learners throughout the year and we are still running face-to-face classes with social distancing at the present time. In addition to our regular courses we also offer Camps during holiday periods. 

Our Junior Holiday Camp for young learner kids accepts enrolments for children with or without their parent. And with or without homestay. Family rates are available.

All junior classes for young learners are supported by our Head of Junior School who has a Masters in General Education, a Certificate IV in TESOL and more than 20 years of teaching experience.