Covid safe airflow Room 1 AICOL Gold coast English School

School COVID Plans

AICOL English School Covid Plans.
Now is the time to consider what can be done by schools, including English schools, to make it safe for students to be physically present.  Safe school COVID plans are essential.  Adequate fresh air ventilation is probably the top priority for students returning to face-to-face classes.

Adults and children know that since COVID19 things have changed. It is important now, and for some time into the future, to look at the public health measures in place within a school.  It is very important for parents to know what school COVID plans have been made when they are considering selecting an English school.

The Gold Coast English school premises owned by AICOL on the Gold Coast of Australia stand out in terms of safety procedures.
ALL of our 18 classrooms can open windows to fresh air. We are COVID conscious. Air conditioning is optional. Check out our fresh sea air LOCATION.
• Our school has 6 kitchen areas and a large number of outdoor eating areas in addition to our indoor eating areas so social distancing is able to be maintained
• The school premises are now and have always been kept in a spotlessly clean condition
• Until not required by health authorities, AICOL will continue to take the temperature of students every morning
• Regular handwashing and hand sanitising is requested, particularly before and after eating and after going to the toilet

AICOL school COVID Plans include regularly checking of  the Queensland Government latest Corona Virus Updates.

We can’t wait to see our student visa students, our visitor visa students, our Camps students and our Study Tour Students at AICOL!