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Best English School in Australia

How to find the best English school in Australia?  You need to do your own research to find the best school for your needs.  You need  “objective opinions”  (from someone who won’t gain or lose anything because of the decision). English schools which claim to be “the best” are offering  their “subjective opinion” meaning they are influenced by their own emotions and opinions.

Search online for the course you are interested in and then search for independent reviews such as Google Reviews.  Check the dates of the reviews as there have been many changes as a result of COVID.  Try searching in different browsers as you may get different results.

Ask what the usual nationality mix is at the particular time you are thinking of joining the school.

There are many things which affect the reputation of an English school.  Maybe you prefer a school with a lot of evening activities arranged by the school, maybe you prefer a “party” school to an English school seriously interested in improving your English as soon as possible. Maybe you need to prepare for an internationally recognised English qualification such as IELTS or a FCE or CAE Certificate. Find the schools which offer what you are looking for and then do your own research.

We hope the name of AICOL will come up frequently in your searches for the Best English School in Australia  🙂

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