Students from various countries having fun making friends and learning to play tennis

English and Sports

It has been quite a while since our last post and we feel it is necessary for us to start off with some information about English and Sport.  They are such busy times for us at AICOL since the world started opening up after COVID. Not only busy times but also such different times in so  many ways.

We are experiencing some quite startling changes. We are reliably informed that in Japan thousands of students did not return to school when the schools reopened.  Japan is not the only country experiencing this problem.  The same problem even exists in Australia although it seems to a lesser extent.

The good news is that we are having success with students from various parts of the non-English speaking world who enrol in our English course and combine it with sports activities. See the happy faces of our students recently attending Queens Park Tennis.

The change in many of the students is often quite remarkable and some parents have advised us that because of the noticeable change they have decided to extend the English studies and enrol the child in a local school.

We have for many years run our English and Professional Sport CRICOS registered course for students who are considering a sporting career.  We have recently had a professional mountain biker, swimmer, and tennis player.