High School Preparation Course

English for High School Preparation Course class
High school preparation course STEM subjects

High School Preparation (HSP) for STEM Subjects
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)

Looking for a quality High School Preparation (HSP) for STEM  in Australia?   A course to teach young students the English they need to settle comfortably and effectively into an Australian High School? A popular English course for Juniors.

In response to the increasing focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)  AICOL has introduced  its High School Preparation (HSP) for STEM.    The course will also include learning the basics of Coding.

  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Logical thinking

At the conclusion of the Coding program students will understand how a computer programs works.  They will be able to use basic coding language to develop their own apps and games.

Some good reasons to choose AICOL English school.:

  • Fantastic location in a natural  environment – the Gold Coast of Australia
  • Healthy,  natural food readily available
  • Safe and friendly area
  • Interesting and varied learning materials
  • Well qualified teachers
  • HSP timetable aligns with Queensland Education school terms
  • It is usually possible to enter the course mid term upon request

High School Preparation Timetable

Course Dates Length
 1 Monday 21 January – Friday 29 March 10 weeks
 2 Monday 15 April – Friday 28 June 11 weeks
3 Monday 15 July – Friday 20 September 10 weeks
 4 Tuesday 8 October – Friday 13 December 10 weeks
  • 20 hours core class-time learning, plus library time and sports time:
  • Plus  4 hours Coding sessions 14:30 to 15:30 Monday to Thursday
  • Introduces student to Australian culture
  • Tests and reports every week
  • Homework
  • Pre-Intermediate English level required
  • Option to join Young Learner or General English class while waiting for HSP course commencement
  • Suitable for age 12-16 year – primary school preparation also available
  • Balance Tuition refunded if you start your course early at the local school
  • Quality AICOL homestay accommodation service with our own Coordinator
  • AICOL offers a High School Placement service to both private and public schools
  • FREE Guardianship  – conditions apply

Our Director of Studies is available to assist students and parents decide which high school is best for their future study purposes.
She will also assist with the high school placement if requested.

High School Preparation Course at Gold Coast English School