High school camp student studying English

Junior Camp – High School


We invite international school students (students 13 -17 years of age) to join our High School Junior Camp English classes. We are now accepting enrolments and REFUNDS on cancellations due to COVID  are GUARANTEED.  After class activities with AICOL staff are arranged every afternoon plus on Saturdays.  Our regular high school preparation course for STEM subjects forms the basis of our High School Junior Camp English program.   Sometimes a good experience can change a life:

Hiro joined our Junior Camp for High School students a few years ago.  Hiro was an angry young man who was determined he was never going to work in Japan.  His father was a chef with his own restaurant. After a few weeks at AICOL he was making friends. He started to smile sometimes.  Then he decided to extend his English studies so he could continue to see a young Japanese girl who was enrolled to join a local high school.  He enrolled in our English for High School Preparation course. He later enrolled in a local high school.  He took the girl to meet his family in Japan. He became a chef and runs the restaurant with his father. He married the girl and they advise their daughter will learn English at AICOL each year during the July/August holidays.  His life changed after he decided to study English!

AICOL  has a Junior Camp for young learner kids (6-12 years) in January/February Winter Camp 2021 and in July/August Summer Camp 2021.

We also provide  full time face-to-face classes 48 weeks a year and confirm these classes are now running. The Gold Coast is a great area to visit.