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High School Preparation

High School Preparation (HSP Intensive English)

  • Q:  What is a High School Preparation Course (HSP)?
    A:  An intensive English Language Course for international students.  It prepares them for atudy in local  high school studies with Australian students.  You will study 22 hours face-to-face, 3 hours intensive and 4 hours homework.
  • Q:  Who needs to do a High School Preparation program?
    A:   International students wanting to enter Private High Schools or Queensland Government High Schools .
  • Q:  Why do you need to do a HSP Course?
    A:  To learn the English needed for studies in Mathematics, Sciences, Technology and other high school subjects.  If you understand and speak a good level of English you will be more readily accepted into the classroom by the local students.
  • Q:  Where is the best place to study High School Preparation?
    A:   At AICOL on the wonderful Gold Coast of Australia.
  • Q:  Which English School offers Pathways to High Schools?
    A:  AICOL – Australian International College of Language.  We answer more questions .
  • Q:  When do the courses start?
    A:  Because we are open for 50 weeks a year our start dates are flexible.  Students can start any Monday throughout the year or they can study the Queensland State School Term 1 to Term 4 dates.

We are frequently asked how long will the student need to study before going to the local school. This depends on many things:

• Your English level on arrival?
• Your ability and  how hard you are prepared to work?
• Will you be living in an English speaking environment where you are forced to speak English ?

For the best support it is recommended that students studying English for High School Preparation live with an Australian family. This introduces the student to the Australian society and way of life. It also helps the student to use their English language in its natural environment. Homestay offers free conversation practice .
AICOL’s homestay network and homestay placement service provide this very important in-house service. We have been doing so for over 20 years. AICOL can also provide guardianship free of charge (conditions apply).