HSP class Beach volleyball lesson at Southport

High School Prep & Sports

We thought you might like to meet our High School Preparation (HSP) class. Each week the class has a sports lesson as part of their curriculum and the beach volleyball lesson was a winner. The students did not want to finish!! Sometimes an older student from the Primary School Preparation class is permitted to join the sports lesson class.

It is a big decision for a young person to decide they wish to study in Australia at an Australian High School. It is a big decision for the parent too! The first thing needed is to enrol in a good High School Preparation program.

AICOL is an English Pathway Provider for EQI (Education Queensland International) schools and for many Private High Schools. Our teachers are experienced. We provide a good international student mix.  We know it is important for kids to have some fun. The sports lesson every Wednesday is very popular!