Welcoming New Students to AICOL English school

Best Course to Learn English

A question we are often asked:  which course do you think is the best course for me to learn English?

The answer – it depends on why you wish to learn English.

Adults have many reasons to study English including:
*for work
*to gain entry to university or vocational colleges
*for travel
*for fun and to meet people from different countries

Kids usually want to learn English short term for a learning holiday fun while having fun and making new friends from around the world.  They only need a visitor visa.  Our most popular short course for individual students for short term English study is our Camps program.

Some children, however, study English so they can enter an Australian High School English for High School Preparation
or Primary School.  These students usually study long term and need a student visa.  AICOL is a Pathway Provider for direct entry into State schools and many Private Schools in relation to English language ability.

Our courses for young learners are CRICOS registered and run 50 weeks a year.  Not many English schools can say this.

So the best course for kids to learn English depends on why they want to study English.

Adults needing English for work or for further study usually enrol in an IELTS Test Preparation Course ,one of our Cambridge Preparation Courses or for PTE Test Preparation
These courses can be studied for up to 12 weeks on a visitor visor but for longer study a student visa is required.

Many adults also enrol in our Camps courses.  This program is particularly popular for Parent & Child

So as you can see, the best course to learn English depends on why you want to learn and how much time you have.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions about the English Courses or the Tuition Fees.